Thursday, March 7, 2013

Types of Armor

There is 6 armors you can research but your X-Com solders start out with the default armor called Body Armor which is very weak.The second one is the Carapace Armor which is a Medium Armor and gives you +4 HP Another one is the Skeleton Suit which allows the wearer to use a grappling hook and it gives the wearer +3HP and +10 Defense and is a medium armor. The Titan Armor is a Heave Armor that Gives +10 HP and immunity to fire and poison Archangel Armor is a heavy Armor Gives +8HP and allows 6 total moves of flight you can upgrade to allow for more fuel per mission. The Psi Armor is the last armor given in the game and only can be used by solders who have Psi-Abilities. It gives +6 HP it increases Will by 20 instead of what of the in-game description also the armor has a hidden +10 Defense bonus Chitin plating

Archangel Armor

Ghost Armor

Nano-fiber Vest

Carapace Armor

Skeleton Suit

Body Armor

Psi Armor

Titan Armor

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