Monday, February 4, 2013

The Enimeies in X-Com Enemy Unknown

XCOM Cyberdisc Closed medium

There is many enemies in X-Com Unknown. There is 5 different types of a certain types of enemies and there is 16 types of enemies in the whole game. At the end of the post i will have pictures of the guys. They are:  (I can not get a picture of a muton elite )
  • Sectoid, Sectoid Commander
  • Cyberdisc
  • Drone
  • Muton ,Muton Elete and Muton Berseker
  • Floater , Heavy Floater
  • Chryssalid,Zombie,Chryssalid Hatchling
  • Thin Man 
  • Outsider
  • Sectopod
  • Ethereal ,Uber Ethereal 
 XCOM-EU Sectoids 

XEU Sectoid Commander 
XCOM Cyberdisc Closed medium CyberDisk (the circle is the transport mode for the Cyber Disc)
XCOM-EU Mutons

 XCOM-EU Berserker
XCOM-EU Floater

XCOM-EU Chrysalid Concept - Zombie Soldier Chrysalid Hatchling2 

XCOM(EU) Sectopod Rises
Concept - Ethereal3 Uber Ethereal

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