Thursday, February 7, 2013

The defense of earth

when there is a alien threat comes to earth There is a military group called X-Com which helps defend the earth. The missions you will have to do (not all the type of missions) is a terror mission a council member friend needs help, a UFO(unknown Flying Object) that you have to intercept or a ship that has landed instead of being shot down. You are the commend of the group called of X-Com  which will kill the aliens and will defend the earth. You will have a home base around the world which you can choose and many other places around the world where you will have satellites so you know where a UFO is and where a UFO is and where the aliens are killing citizens (also known as terror site missions) You will be in control of a squad which has to defend earth no better what happens sometimes your whole squad dies if you are not careful or you can be lucky or good and not lose any guys. You can name your characters anything your heart desires and you can rename your characters nickname when he/she gets it

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