Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chitin plating

This is going to be a hard armor to get because you will need 4 Chryssalid Corpse's per plating you make  and one needed to research which do not come until you play your first terror mission.Besides the Corspes you need you should have 15 enginners already if you did the satellites really good you will need Alloys which only are from the aliens and I do not remember how much it costs The reason why i think you need it is because you get 4 more hit points but the most rewarding is that it will reduce all melee attacks by at least 50 percent so put on the guys you use to attack Berserkers Zombie Chryssalid so that they can survive. So even through you need 5 Corspes in order to make one for the first time (4 any other time) This is needed for all front line guys

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